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Consider the Jemaa El Fnaa in Marrakech, Morocco, and Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand, two examples of the sizeable open marketplaces found in most cities that contribute to the distinctive character of the commerce culture. Nowhere else in Ghana can you experience the entire range of commerce and its associated culture than at Makola Market.

You'll experience a wide range of sights, sounds, and smells as you stroll around Makola Market. Vintage imported apparel is hung in many of the kiosks, and groups of buyers rush out onto the tiny streets as rare Ghanaian spices fill the air with their fragrant, zesty scents.

This market in the center of Accra was constructed during colonial times around the turn of the 20th century, and it is rich in history and cultural significance. It serves as the hub of all business activity in the city, with tonnes of manufactured goods, imported clothes, farm produce, specialized services, and millions of cedis in daily revenue passing through the vast market.

This vast market is also referred to as the Central Business District and is located south of Jamestown, one of Accra's early towns. It consists of several connected compartments. These neighborhoods, which include Okaishie, Rawlings Park, Kantamanto (Ghana's largest second-hand clothing market), and Cowlane, divide the market into various parts where specialty items and services are available.

Makola has historically played a crucial role in the political and economic progress of Ghana. Several foreign merchants' stores in Makola were looted during the 1948 riots as part of the demonstrations and the ensuing struggle for independence.

Additionally, Jerry J. Rawlings, the military dictator, destroyed some of the markets in 1979. The market kings were accused by the government of creating fictitious shortages to boost their profits. The area was then utilized to construct a much-needed parking lot, known as Rawlings Park, to accommodate both merchants and guests.

Thousands of people come from far and wide to purchase and sell there every day in the twenty-first century, despite Accra having numerous other markets and retail centers. Before being distributed to smaller markets in the city, agricultural products from various areas of the nation and other nations, such as Burkina Faso and La Cote D'Ivoire, arrive at Makola.

The main areas are open seven days a week from 6 am to 8 pm. The busiest days are Saturdays and Wednesdays because this is when most stores replenish their stock.

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