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Witness the past of Jordan!

The right wing of the Roman Theater houses the Folklore Museum Amman. I t is a wonderful site to visit, and the fact that it is housed in such a historic theatre adds to its allure.

As one might anticipate, the main goal of the Folklore Museum Amman is to provide visitors an understanding of how residents have lived historically. it paints a vivid image of the locals' way of life by displaying traditional furnishings and clothing from the area. Many items on display are from the three Jordanian civilizations that are represented:

  • Bedu, also known as desert culture
  • Reef: the hamlet's way of life
  • Madineh: the city & town culture

Mannequins dressed in traditional attire are shown in scenes from everyday life, including men playing backgammon at a beautifully crafted inlaid table, men running the looms in a weaving room, women baking bread, a market with stalls for traditional craftsmen, men congregating in the guest area of a Bedouin tent. Off to the side, a Bedouin family with a camel and a goat-hair tent can be seen. There are other depictions of more common lifestyles where women handle household chores, with a substantial selection of housewares, tools, and other objects on display.

Overall, the museum provides excellent opportunity for visitors to observe how daily life has changed in each of the three civilizations over time, as well as how styles and fashions have evolved.

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Address of Jordan Folklore Museum

Al-Hashemi Street The Hashemite Plaza, Amman Jordan

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