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The Plaka neighborhood in Athens is a must-see destination, and a day spent there leaves a lasting impression on visitors. There is so much to learn about Plaka, with its vibrant neoclassical structures and ruins just waiting to be uncovered.

It makes sense that Plaka is called the Neighborhood of the Gods. It extends almost to Syntagma Square and is located beneath the northeast slope of the Acropolis. It is comprised of a network of twisting, narrow alleyways that are filled with stores and ancient artifacts.

As many of the cobblestone streets are designated as pedestrian-only areas, it is simple to spend a whole day meandering about Plaka. It also doesn't take much imagination to picture how it would have been in antiquity.

Although there are many tourist-oriented tavernas and gift shops in the Plaka neighborhood, there remains something genuine about this area of Athens. The oldest historical district in Athens is Plaka. In actuality, the neighborhood was built mostly around the ruins of the old Agora, and people have lived in this part of Athens constantly since the time of Ancient Greece.

Another astounding truth is that excavations have shown Adrianou Street, the main thoroughfare of Plaka, and Tripodon Street to be the oldest streets in Athens still in use. The most amazing thing is that the layout is the same as it was in antiquity!

Make sure to visit the previous residential areas of the ancient town of Athens during your visit to the Plaka neighborhood. These areas are hidden beneath the modern-day Plaka, which is why you will travel through its winding streets and see colorful neoclassical structures rather than ancient ruins. 

Travelers can explore and take in the breathtakingly beautiful small churches at every turn in addition to the charming streets and architecture. Since the majority of them were built in the eleventh century, some older churches are even below ground level. They have striking icons, and many still hold daily services in addition to allowing visitors to explore their interiors and learn about their histories.

Additionally, Plaka is filled with shops that feature beautiful antiquities. This is the place to go if you want to see wood carvings, hand-painted icons, and other works of art created by regional artists. Both visitors and residents of Athens visit Plaka for its art and antiquities.

There are a lot of jewelry shops as well, some of which are managed by designers who create their distinctive pieces of jewelry. Avoid mass-produced jewelry and instead, bring home something handmade and authentic from Greece!

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