Muhammad Ali Mosque

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Cairo is home to an infinite number of mosques, earning it the nickname 'City of Minarets.' While others are incredibly wonderful, some are relatively modest and appeal to travellers.

The Muhammad Ali Mosque, which is beautifully perched atop the Saladin Citadel, is one such example. The mosque also features exceptionally tall minarets, and the view from their summits is unmatched. The entire city, including the Giza Plateau, is visible to visitors.

Even though Muhammad Ali's mosque is the least Egyptian of these buildings, it has now become a symbol of Cairo because it is the most recognizable Islamic structure in the city.

Additionally, when approaching her from anywhere in the city, it stands out in the heights in an imposing shape, which unquestionably entices guests to pay a visit.

With astounding heights of 270 feet, the minarets are much taller than the norm. The Saladin Citadel is majestically overshadowed by the mosque, adding to its opulence. The vastness of the hall is so astounding that anyone entering would feel insignificant in Allah's domain.

Nearly every location in Cairo offers a view of the minarets' thin needles.It is almost certainly the first feature that draws attention to the fortress.

to its size and shape, which are evocative of the mosques in Istanbul, the interior dome is remarkable.

Its location inside the Citadel also makes it a pleasant retreat from Cairo's frenetic pace of life since exploring its tranquil interiors gives you a fresh perspective on the city. The site's more than 136 stained glass windows in the domes are another reason for its prominence. The mosque's interior décor is stunning. Due to the alabaster panels that decorate its walls, the Great Mosque of Mohammad Ali is often referred to as the Alabaster Mosque. Numerous candle lights illuminate the Arabic writings in the mosque, and the mihrab has a golden border.

The panoramic view of the city you can obtain from here, which is rather impressive, makes it a must-see during your trip to Cairo.

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Address of Muhammad Ali Mosque

Al Abageyah Qism El-Khalifa, Cairo 4252360 Egypt

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