Lokrum Island

The enchanting city of Dubrovnik is located close to the teeny-tiny island and nature reserve of Lokrum. 

Most visitors to Lokrum take in a couple of the island's attractions before enjoying a relaxing day reclining on the rocks near the lake and swimming. This is a wonderful way to spend a day or an afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik.


  • The views are quite stunning when you first arrive; make the most of this opportunity and take it all in:

If you think that is beautiful, wait until you start touring the island because it will only become more verdant as you go.

  • Walk around the Botanical Garden:

Even though the garden wasn't established until 1959, many of the already existing plants date back to the time when Maximilian I possessed Lokrum in the 19th century. The Garden houses a diverse range of plant life, including, but not limited to, palm trees, cacti, and eucalyptus trees, for example.

  • Float in the Dead Sea:

This lagoon has the most stunning blue-green coloration throughout it.

Its name comes from the water being highly salty, making it the perfect place to float around.

  • Admire the beauty of the peacocks in their glory: 

Peacocks are known for their ostentatious behavior, which includes constantly fanning out their tail feathers to give the impression that they are putting on a show for their visitors.

You won't need to go to peacock farms that keep their animals in confinement because peacocks are naturally free to roam and are not confined by people.

You are welcome to take a seat on the throne of Game of Thrones!

If you're a fan of ''Game of Thrones'' series, you'll feel at home here. The historic Benedictine monastery served as the location for filming one of the scenes for the show, while Lokrum's Botanical Garden played host to the production of another.

You are welcome to stop by the exhibit and even take a seat on the throne that has been recreated.

  • Learn about the eons-long history:

During the 12th century, King Richard the Lionheart was making his way back to England after the Crusades when he became shipwrecked on this island. You may learn more about the island's past as you explore it. 

  • Bring your food or dine in:

Some visitors like to bring their food and have a delightful picnic; this is a fantastic option if you don't want to be caught out shelling out a lot of money.

You'll also find a handful of cafes and restaurants where you can get a bite to eat (or a refreshing drink ) on the go or take your time enjoying a meal. Take into consideration the following locales:

  1. Snack Bar Lacroma is a great place for a fast dinner, drinks, or dessert, and it is strategically located close to the port, where the boat will drop you off after you arrive on the island.
  2. Lacroma Restaurant is Lokrum's best option for a leisurely supper, as opposed to a ''quick bite to eat,'' making it one of the most desirable dining establishments on the planet. This restaurant has a superb selection of appetizers and main courses, making it a popular choice.
  3. Near the monastery is the restaurant Konoba Rajski Vrt, which is yet another excellent option for a swift and delightful meal.
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    5 hours

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Dubrovnik 20 000 Croatia

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