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Alfama is one of Lisbon's best neighborhoods, having been immortalized in Fado and steeped in history. It also rises over Lisbon. Lisbon's attraction has its own charm and uniqueness as a city outside of a town. Alfama is stunning and picturesque, with stairways that descend to Baixa below and Castelo So Jorge guarding the area above. The neighborhood's whitewashed structures go back to Moorish times. Alfama was previously an affluent neighborhood. Romans and Visigoths both lived at Alfama at different points in time. It, therefore, became a stronghold for the Moors. After the Moors were defeated, the wealthy left Alfama, and the poor and fisherman flocked in.

Things to do in Alfama:

- Dig into a traditional Portuguese dish

The aroma of grilled sardines is frequently pervasive on the streets of Alfama. Additionally, this is among the most significant areas of the city to enjoy authentic Portuguese food, which is renowned for its unassuming simplicity and freshness. There are several cafés and restaurants in the area of Alfama; try the delicious Petiscos (Portugal's equivalent of Spanish tapas) at Petisqueira Conqvistador.

- Pay your respects at the Panteão Nacional

The building of this Baroque structure was first intended to be a church and later evolved into the last resting place of several significant Portuguese people. Numerous previous presidents, fado singer Amália Rodrigues, and football star Eusébio are buried here. After paying your respects, visit the terrace at 40 meters (131 feet) height for even more breathtaking views of Lisbon and the Tejo river.

- Visit the majestic Sé Cathedral

The Sé, the principal cathedral of Lisbon, was initially built in the 12th century as a symbol of the Christians' conquering of the city the Moors had previously ruled. Most notably, it was severely destroyed in the infamous earthquake of 1755, although it has since been repaired and refurbished several times. The building's impressive medieval façade is still standing today. The inside is decorated with a unique medley of Romanesque, Baroque, and Gothic features; the cloisters and treasure chamber are particularly noteworthy.

- Experience Fado show tour

Listen to some Fado, a musical style that originated deep inside the hearts of the Portuguese. Listen to some Fado and you will understand why it is considered a cultural treasure by UNESCO. Experience a live Fado performance while dining in a quaint restaurant on Portuguese tapas.

- Discover the Street Art

Go on a three-hour walking tour of the city to learn about the city's thriving street art scene. Find out why the city has supported so many artistic endeavors and learn about the history behind this art category. Attend the boisterous boat parties. The parties are hosted on a massive sailboat created specifically for trips down the Tagus River and can easily seat over two hundred guests. These sailboats have multiple decks, sails, and disco floors.

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