Anandi Water Park

With the most water slides and activities, this water park is the largest and most fun of its kind in Northern India. They have earned a reputation as one of Northern India's top entertainment destinations. As of April of 2002, Anandi Water Park had begun its operation.

Featuring 32 water rides, it provides thrill-seekers of all ages with nonstop excitement without ever having to leave the water. Everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, enjoys the thrill of a good slide. 

All the necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of youngsters and first-time slide riders. A lifeguard is typically stationed at both the beginning and end of the slide in case a rider needs medical attention. Water's allergenic components are also filtered out for hygiene purposes so that you may have the most fun possible without fretting over the consequences. 

Activities in Anandi Park Water Resort 

- Anandi Waterfall: When water runs down a steep incline in a river or stream, the result is a waterfall. The overflow of meltwater from a tabular iceberg or ice shelf can also create waterfalls. Get a feel of various waterfalls in this section. 

- Anandi Laxman Jhula: Anandi Water Park's Swinging Bridge, also known as Anandi Laxman Jhula, is a favorite spot for swimmers thanks to its proximity to the park's lush vegetation and its high-quality swimming conditions. The landscape is really beach-like. Although it is against regulations, some tourists nonetheless risk their lives by jumping off the bridge. 

- Anandi Waves: Have fun in a swimming pool with artificially generated waves of a size and height similar to those seen in the ocean. Most water parks have at least one wave pool. The city's largest outdoor wave pool may be found at Anandi Water Park. 

- Aqua Dance Floor with D.J.: Based on Zumanity from Cirque du Soleil, this section features fiberglass pools in the shape of semi-spheres filled with water, where participants make a choreographic deployment. Aqua D.J. Floor will benefit from Anandi's superior stage and ambiance. 

- A conference hall: sometimes known as a conference room, it is a special event venue typically used for corporate gatherings. Large hotels and convention halls are typical locations, though you can find them at a wide variety of other businesses as well. 

- Green lawns: A garden is a specially designed area for growing and displaying plants and other natural features for the purpose of aesthetic appreciation and contemplation. Both organic and artificial elements are equipped in the garden. You can sense the serenity and quietness of the area. Plan a nice picnic here with your friends and family.

  • imageDuration Required
    5 hours

Address of Anandi Water Park

Faizabad Road, Lucknow, India

Opening & Closing time of Anandi Water Park

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  • Sunday

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