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In the southern Spanish city of Málaga, there is a Catholic church called the Santuario de la Victoria. It is located in the La Victoria neighborhood and is well-known for its stunning rococo façade and baroque interior.

The church, built in the 18th century, has been designated a Culturally Important Building.


Admire architectural delight here:

The church building was constructed in the 18th century, replacing an earlier church from the 15th century. The church's Baroque design features a large dome and a grand façade adorned with statues and ornate details. Inside, the church features several chapels, altarpieces, and an ornate main altar.

Soak in the aestehtic marvel of the materiece Virgen de la Victoria:

One of the main features of the church is the Virgin of Victory, a wooden sculpture of the Virgin Mary that dates back to the 15th century. The sculpture is considered a masterpiece of medieval art and is highly venerated by the local population.

Attending a service or another religious ritual will help learn about the historical and cultural significance:

The church played an important role in the history of Málaga, having been the site of many important events and ceremonies throughout the centuries. Today, it continues to be an important religious and cultural site and is a popular destination for tourists and pilgrims alike.

Taking part in some of the cultural or recreational events that the sanctuary hosts, such as music concerts or art exhibits:

Annual Pilgrimage: Every year, thousands of people pilgrimage to the church to venerate the Virgin of Victory and participate in religious ceremonies. The pilgrimage typically includes a procession through the streets of Málaga and a mass at the church.

Religious Festivals: The church is a popular destination for religious festivals, such as the Feast of Our Lady of Victory, which is celebrated on September 8th each year. A mass, processions, and other religious ceremonies mark the feast day.

Concerts and Cultural Events: The church is also a venue for a wide range of cultural and artistic events, such as classical and sacred music concerts. The church's acoustics make it an ideal place to enjoy these events.

Enjoy the panoramic view from the sanctuary's terrace:

The main façade of the church faces the city, allowing visitors to admire the church's beautiful architecture, as well as the statue of Our Lady of Victory that sits above the entrance. If you climb to the dome's terrace, you can get an even better view of the city and see many of the city's landmarks such as Alcazaba, Roman theater, and many churchs.

The church's location on a hill also means it gives in beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and the Mediterranean Sea.

Explore the neighborhood

Visiting nearby tourist attractions like the Parque de Málaga or the Castillo de Gibralfaro.

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Address of Santuario de la Victoria

Plaza del Santuario s/n Santuario de Santa María de la Victoria, 29013 Malaga Spain

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