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Near Amsterdam's downtown is one of the city's most well-known neighborhoods, Jordaan. Jordaan is also regarded as one of the most beloved neighborhoods in the entire Netherlands. Jordaan is embellished with some of the most stunning streets that lead to wonderful canals that are surrounded by magnificent flora. You name it, Jordaan has it—luxury shops, storied restaurants, cafes, and some of the most well-known artist studios.

This specific place is the best-suited example that shows Dutch life and culture in the best conceivable way. You will want to return time and time to enjoy this charmingly unique neighborhood's tranquility and beauty once more! The beautifully adorned alleys and picturesque canal of Amsterdam's Jordaan neighborhood make it one of the most picturesque and popular tourist destinations in the entire Netherlands.

Jordaan changed from being one of Amsterdam's more affordable areas to one of the more upscale and picturesque areas. The well-known Anne Frank House, which Anne Frank fled to during World War II, is also located within this lovely location, adding to its prestige both historically and psychologically.

You may visit some of the most upscale markets in the world in Jordaan. Jordaan has a rich history that draws tourists from all over the world, including some of the top fine dining establishments in the world and some of the most renowned and iconic art galleries.

The best things to do at Jordaan: 

  • Take a stroll around Jordaan's streets to learn about the many tales connected to it. Explore the area's most famous structures as well as the modest hidden gardens.
  • Discover the world's most upscale eateries and choose your favorites to create a lasting impression.
  • Jordaan's streets take on a wonderful quality at night. What better venue to hold a terrific party than Jordaan with the canal attractively lit up and the cafes becoming lively!
  • Take a boat trip across the lovely center canal to experience Jordaan's true spirit and essence.

Places to dine in Jordaan: 

  • La Olivia, a posh Spanish restaurant serving some of the most popular treats from northern Spain, is located in the center of Jordaan. Also, don't forget to sample some of the top Spanish wineries' wines.
  • Moeders is the ideal restaurant if you want to eat the most genuine Dutch cuisine in a cozy setting.

Shopping at Jordaan: 

  • Anyone, regardless of age or gender, may find something special on this bustling shopping street.
  • On a Saturday, visit the Lindengracht market to sample some of the greatest regional and international delicacies.
  • Do you want to buy on a budget? Visit the Westerstraat on a Monday morning to purchase things from some of the most well-known companies that have minor flaws.
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