Islamic Cairo

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Whatever you do, don't expect Islamic Cairo to look anything like modern-day Cairo. The two areas are practically worlds apart, which makes it much more important to see this ancient region, which is home to many of the significant Cairo tourist attractions.

It encompasses a vast area that stretches south to Saladin's Citadel, the Ibn Tulun Mosque, and the ancient Fatimid city. There are hundreds of sites, all varying in size and significance, along these crowded streets. The ongoing activity of the adjacent residential and business sectors should be added. Add to this the endless bustle of the nearby commercial and residential areas. Overlooking the narrow, congested streets are latticed balconies. There are numerous mosques, markets, and medieval alleyways. In the alleys, the aroma of frying offal and sheeshas permeates. These individuals are as crucial to street life as the artisans and hawkers. Despite its failing and outdated infrastructure and the various monuments intertwined with the daily lives of millions of Egyptians, it is still one of Cairo's most populated neighbourhoods. You come back repeatedly because of the surprises and the sights, sounds, and fragrances.

It is a true experience that is melting pot of diversity: Most of the population is amiable and welcoming, and a stroll through the winding alleyways will undoubtedly leave you with many priceless memories. Being lost or giving out a little baksheesh is a small price for the experience.

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Midan Silah ad-Din, Cairo 11511 Egypt

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