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Lodhi Gardens creflect the national capital's illustrious tryst with history while boasting stunning architecture and exquisite natural beauty. It represents the country's ideals, history, and architecture and is a favourite refuge for Delhi residents. Delhi's jewel is the pinnacle of historical beauty, drawing both locals and tourists. THINGS TO DO AT LODHI GARDEN:

 • Learn about the history of the place: Over 90 acres of Lodhi Gardens are home to numerous 15th-century buildings exhibiting breathtaking architectural grandeur, roughly 500-year-old and tranquil, natural surroundings. The Lodis' tombs, which dominated this region of India in the 15th century, are located in the garden. Along with other buildings, it is home to the mausoleums of two Delhi Sultanate emperors, Mohammed Shah and Sikander Lodhi. The park and its structures reflect the national capital's illustrious tryst with history while boasting stunning architecture and exquisite natural beauty. • Walk in here to get a dose of fresh air: The Lodhi Garden is undoubtedly a health freak's favourite park in Delhi because of its orderliness, consistent jogging paths, and several fitness seminars that are held there. It is the greatest option for morning jogs and strolls. It has rustic ruins, infinite green fields with the tallest trees, and many pretty gazebos. • Take a guided tour to discover more about the prehistoric age and the heroic tale that led up to it: It would be preferable for you to take part in a guided tour if you enjoy learning about historical monarchs and their contributions. The knowledgeable tour guides will transport you back in time and educate you on the specifics of Lodhi Garden. • Embrace the flora here: One of the most lovely green areas in Delhi is Lodi Gardens, which has several trees labelled to teach foreign tourists about Indian flora. It is an intriguing green haven away from the sometimes polluted city air. The National Bonsai Park has been designated a tiny garden section. In this park, in addition to the mausoleums and other buildings from the fifteenth century, you may also see more than 50 different types of butterflies, birds, and plants. The Archaeological Survey of India currently looks after the garden. • If you're not adventurous, that's cool; having a leisurely picnic here is also a fantastic choice: The best memories are built on the simple joys of life, so take advantage of them. The garden is a favourite picnic location for families, and couples in Delhi love to spend romantic moments there because of the peaceful surroundings. Soak up the sun, have lengthy chats (over hot tea and peanuts, of course), play dog-frisbee, watch the clouds, and enjoy life's simple pleasures. • Get photographed at this much loved location: Lodhi Garden comes alive with photographers, earning it a reputation as the ideal location for picture shoots. Magazines and websites frequently feature architectural design. Photographers frequently choose to shoot here, whether they are shooting nature or models. • Explore the neighbourhood: This region has a wide range of options, from the Khan market to the Safdarjung Tomb. Or, if you love art, you can also go to the India Habitat Center.

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