Cityland Mall

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Cityland Mall is known for its unique nature-inspired design, with an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness. It incorporates green spaces, lush landscaping, and botanical features throughout the mall. The mall is designed to cater to families, with various attractions and entertainment options for children. It includes a large indoor play area, a trampoline park, and a dedicated kids' entertainment zone.

Cityland Mall offers a wide range of retail stores and dining options, including both international brands and local concepts. Visitors can explore fashion, electronics, and home decor, and enjoy diverse culinary experiences.

Cityland Mall is well-connected by public transportation. Visitors can conveniently use taxis, buses, or ride-sharing services to reach the mall. The mall generally operates from morning until late evening. However, checking the specific opening hours of the mall and individual stores is always recommended before planning to visit.

Things to do at Cityland Mall

  • Explore Central Park:

Visit the impressive Central Park, the world's largest indoor nature park within a retail space. Take a stroll through lush greenery, admire the diverse flora, and enjoy the serene ambiance. Don't miss the stunning indoor waterfall, which provides a picturesque backdrop for photos.

  • Shopping:

Discover a wide range of retail stores at Cityland Mall. From fashion and accessories to electronics and home decor, one can find a variety of options to cater to their shopping needs.

  • Entertainment for Kids:

Cityland Mall offers a host of attractions and entertainment options for children. Kids can enjoy the indoor play area, explore the trampoline park, or engage in fun activities at the dedicated kids' entertainment zone.

  • Catch a Movie:

Experience the latest blockbusters at the mall's state-of-the-art cinema complex. Relax in comfortable seating and enjoy the immersive movie-watching experience.

  • Family-Friendly Activities:

Enjoy family-friendly activities such as workshops, interactive games, and seasonal events that may take place at the mall. These activities are designed to engage families and create memorable experiences.

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    2 hours

Address of Cityland Mall

Wadi Al Safa 4, Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Beside Global Village, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Opening & Closing time of Cityland Mall

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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