Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

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For outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers, this is a fantastic opportunity, to visit one of the biggest aquariums indoors on the planet. The largest acrylic panel in the world is held by the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. In the Dubai Aquarium tank, there are more than 150 species and 33,000 aquatic creatures. The tank is undoubtedly a visual delight because it is home to the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the entire globe. Visitors have the opportunity to see a variety of animals in the Underwater Zoo, including penguins, piranhas, water rats, jellyfish, crabs, sea horses, and many others. Best Things to see: Learn about its two components, the underwater zoo, and aquarium. Visit the underwater zoo in Dubai to see a wide variety of aquatic creatures, reptiles, and other creatures. On level 2, go to the Underwater Zoo, which guides visitors through underwater habitats and interesting exhibits. Learn intriguing information about various species from the knowledgeable staff. Discover the 48-meter walk-through Dubai Aquarium Tunnel, which is located at the aquarium's base. To this location, you can wave at penguins, piranhas, giant spider crabs, water rats, sea horses, crocodiles, otters, and sea jellies. Visit the underwater zoo to meet King Crocs, the largest reptile in the world, as well as a variety of species that come out at night. Penguin Encounter: Gentoo penguins were initially introduced to the region in 2010 by Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Through a cutting-edge exhibit and an interaction that will elevate the visitor's experience unlike any other, the captivating flightless birds are brought back to the modern day, setting a new standard. There are several fascinating spots for the penguins to climb on and explore in the multi-level exhibit, including a drop into the pool. Visitors may enter the Penguin Cove habitat and get up close and personal with a live Gentoo penguin colony while learning about their intriguing natural habits thanks to the brand-new immersive experience. Snorkeling: Anyone eight years of age and older can take advantage of the Cage Snorkeling Experience, which allows guests to enter the 10 million-liter tank without diving gear if they don't scuba dive but would like a comparable experience. Participants 8 years of age and older may participate in this activity, and no prior experience is essential. If you don't want to dive fully, you can still experience the same thrills in a secure cage environment. Put on your snorkeling gear, enter the aquarium's safety cage, and you can get up close and personal with more than 70 different marine creatures, including 300 sharks and rays.

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Sheikh Zayed Road The Dubai Mall, Doha Street Off 1st Interchange, Dubai United Arab Emirates

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