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Dubai, a city known for its vibrant blend of modernity and culture, is home to an array of shopping destinations that cater to diverse tastes. Among these, Mamzar Abaya Outlet stands out as a haven for women seeking exquisite traditional clothing. Specializing in stores selling traditional clothing for women, this charming outlet offers a captivating selection of abayas that celebrate Emirati culture and craftsmanship.

At Mamzar Abaya Outlet, this cherished tradition is celebrated through an extensive collection of abayas, each a masterpiece of design and artistry. From classic black abayas that exude sophistication to contemporary designs that embrace modern trends, the outlet caters to diverse tastes, ensuring that every woman finds her perfect abaya that complements her style and personality.

Things to do at Mamzar Abaya Outlet

  • Shop the Abaya Collection: Step into the world of elegance at Mamzar Abaya Outlet, where a diverse and captivating range of abayas awaits. From classic black abayas to colorful contemporary designs, each piece showcases the essence of Emirati fashion and craftsmanship. Find the perfect abaya that complements your style and personality, exuding grace and sophistication.

  • Personalized Abayas: Indulge in personalized shopping experiences as you explore custom abaya designs. Collaborate with skilled artisans to curate an abaya that perfectly matches your preferences. From fabric selection to embellishments, unleash your creativity and walk away with a unique piece that reflects your individuality.

  • Accessorize in Style: Enhance your abaya ensemble with a stunning array of accessories available at the outlet. From elegant scarves to intricately designed hijabs and modest jewelry, discover the perfect complements that add a touch of glamour to your traditional attire.

  • Dress Up the Little Ones: Mamzar Abaya Outlet caters to little fashionistas too! Explore a delightful collection of kids' abayas, ensuring that the young ones exude charm and grace in their traditional wear. Dress them up in mini abayas that mirror the elegance of grown-up styles.

  • Art of Henna: Experience the ancient art of henna at the outlet's henna stations. Visitors can adorn their hands with beautiful henna designs, a cherished tradition in the UAE. This intricate art adds a touch of finesse to their overall look and allows you to embrace Emirati culture.
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Address of Mamzar Abaya Outlet

Al Ittihad Road, Dubai United Arab Emirates

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