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Galata is a translation of the Italian word calata, which designates a portion of the docks in ports where commercial ships are allowed to anchor. 

The Genoese constructed the 69-meter-tall Galata Tower in the Galata city-state in 1348. The tower was constructed as a component of the defenses along the city wall to keep an eye on the whole settlement. For various reasons, the tower was used by the Romans, Venetians, Genevans, and Ottoman Turks.

Things to do at Galata Tower:

  • Climb up the tower for an unparalleled experience: As it can overlook much of the city from its balcony at the top, Galata Tower is referred to as 'The Eye of Istanbul.' Numerous visitors visit the tower daily, resulting in unusually lengthy lines in front of it. It is now just a tourist destination, with crowds of people waiting in line to climb to the top to enjoy the breathtaking 360-degree panorama of Istanbul from the balcony. Fortunately, an elevator transports tourists up seven storeys; nevertheless, the last two floors may only be reached by ascending the steps.

  • Spend some time at the higher altitude with fine dining and wine tasting: The building's top floor has a restaurant, a nightclub, and a viewing deck with a stunning view of the city and Bosporus. It also has a restaurant and bar, epitome of luxury dining. Enjoy top-notch cuisine, wines from all over the globe, and a breathtaking sunset as the city of Istanbul comes to life below you.

  • Experience the Pera way of life: You may see belly dance performances after supper while watching Turkish folk dance. Please make a reservation before you attend, and be sure to find out the precise time of the folk dance performance, so you don't miss it. Don't be afraid to wear some historical clothes if you've always loved your history on the immersive side and want to experience Ottoman opulence genuinely! 

  • View the Galata Tower Bell and deep dive into centuries-old history: Maps, blueprints, and the original bell from Galata Tower, which goes back to the fourteenth century, are displayed at the museum's 'Istanbul Through the Ages' exhibit.

  • Sail along to admire the aesthetics: Municipal or tourist boats on the Bosporus provide excellent views of the Tower. You may have a wonderful sight when strolling on the Galata Bridge and standing in Eminonu.

  • Explore the neighborhood and its versatile establishments: Galata Tower and its surroundings are drawing an increasing number of visitors lately. This tower has developed into a fantastic tourist destination because of the environmental planning, the newly established several art galleries, and the quaint eateries in the neighborhood. Old churches, several gift stores, little eateries, and Nardiz Jazz Club, one of the city's top pubs, may all be found there. There are several churches and synagogues also.
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Address of Galata Tower

Buyuk Hendek Cad. 2, Istanbul Turkey

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