Vypeen Island

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Cherai Beach, Kuzhuppilly Beach, and Puthuvype Beach are among Kochi's longest beaches, and this location is fortunate to have access to all three of them.

The island is approximately 27 kilometers long and is connected to the mainland of Kochi by a series of bridges, which begin at Kalamukku in Vypeen. The Arabian Sea is located west of the island, and the Periyar River is east of the island. This area is also home to the Munambam Fishing Harbour, which holds the title of Kochi's most important fishing harbor.

You can go around the island at your own pace and discover the numerous unique and off-the-beaten-path locations that will tickle your curiosity. 


• Embrace business activity at the beach:

Vypin is a prosperous island, and Njarakkal serves as the island's primary center for commercial activity. It is one of the Kochi suburbs that is developing at the quickest rate. The Munambam Fishing Harbour, the largest of Kochi's fishing harbors, can be found at the island's most northern point. 

• A nirvana for swimmers may be found here:

The stunning and untouched Cherai Beach features clear shallow seas, lush paddy fields, and coconut groves in the background. People from all over the area, including those who live there, come to the location to enjoy the white sandy beach, which is set against a backdrop of coconut palms and rice fields.

This beach has a walkway that is approximately 400 meters in length. In addition, it offers a variety of water sports that you can participate in, such as surfing, snorkeling, canoe rides, and so on.

This beach is adorned with the alluring sight of the Chinese Fishing Net, also known as "Cheena Vala."

• Consider staying at one of the properties:

Another stunning homestay option in Vpeeny is the Bungalow Heritage homestay, which dates back to 1930 and features a design that is an ideal synthesis of the architectural styles of Kerala, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

• Nearby Attractions:

The location is also home to several religious buildings, including the historic Elamkunnapuzha Subrahmanya Temple, the Cherai Temple, the Palathankulangara Devi Temple, the AzeekalVarahamoorthy Temple, and others.

At the very tip of Vypeen Island's northernmost tip is where you'll find Pallipuram Fort, a Portuguese fort that dates back to the 16th century and is pa

Address of Vypeen Island

5 Km From Ernakulam, Kochi (Cochin) India

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