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The Frazier History Museum derives its name from Owsley Brown Frazier, a notable philanthropist, and entrepreneur who envisioned a museum that would educate and motivate those who visited about the past. The museum is located in a Victorian building on Main Street known as the 'Frazier Arms Museum.'

The museum's primary priority was on weaponry and armor, and it housed one of the largest collections of historical weapons. Despite the museum's expansion to include a wider range of historical topics, its weaponry and armor collection remains a major attraction.

Upon arrival at the Frazier History Museum, visitors are welcomed by the grandeur of the Great Hall. The centerpiece of this space is a magnificent 3-story-tall replica of the iconic 'Spirit of Kentucky' statue. Crafted from cast bronze, this statue serves as a powerful representation of the unshaken spirit, unyielding strength, and resilience of the people of Kentucky.

The Frazier History Museum places a special focus on the renowned Lewis and Clark Expedition, which is also referred to as the Corps of Discovery. The museum offers a glimpse into the historic expedition through a collection of artifacts, maps, and interactive exhibits. Visitors can gain valuable insights into the journey of exploration and discovery.

Things to do at the Frazier History Museum

Explore the Exhibits: Visitors are encouraged to take their time and fully immerse themselves in the diverse exhibits offered by the museum. The exhibits cover a wide range of historical topics, providing a comprehensive and engaging experience for all who visit. Immerse yourself in a world of discovery as you engage with interactive displays, peruse informative panels, and marvel at the fascinating artifacts on display. Discover the fascinating history of Kentucky, including the renowned Lewis and Clark Expedition and the thriving bourbon industry. Explore a wealth of knowledge and uncover a multitude of intriguing topics.

Visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Welcome Center: For those who have a passion for bourbon or are interested in exploring Kentucky's renowned spirit, a visit to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Welcome Center is a must. Discover the rich history and intricate process behind bourbon production while indulging in a diverse selection of its varieties. Immerse yourself in the celebrated culture of Kentucky and develop an elevated delight in this beloved tradition.

Enjoy the Architecture and Artifacts: Take a moment to admire the building of the museum and the way the historical items on show were made. From complex suits of armor to beautifully made guns, many pieces show how skilled and creative people were in the past.

Visit the gift shop: Make sure to visit the museum's gift shop before your departure. Explore an extensive range of literature, memorabilia, and distinctive merchandise associated with Kentucky's rich history, bourbon, and culture. This location is excellent for finding memorable souvenirs or keepsakes that will remind you of your trip.

Participate in interactive experiences: The museum provides a range of interactive experiences that enable visitors to immerse themselves in history. Put your archery skills to the test, immerse yourself in virtual historical games, or get a taste of the life of a Kentucky bourbon distiller. Blending interactive elements into your visit can enhance the overall experience with an enjoyable and captivating aspect.

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Address of Frazier History Museum

829 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202-2619

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