Rizal Park

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Manila's famous central park was commonly referred to as 'Luneta' until the 1950s. Rizal park is spread out over 60 hectares of open lawns, ornamental gardens, ponds, paved walks, and wooded areas. There are memorials of Filipino heroes scattered across this park. It is also of considerable historical significance because it was the site of José Rizal's execution by the Spanish colonial authority. Approximately 40 park attractions are listed on a map available at the Rizal Park Visitors Center.

How to explore Rizal Park?

- It is an atmospheric area to take leisurely strolls, especially in the late afternoon, early evening, and on weekends. 

- The Rizal Monument is located at the center of the park and is surrounded by a 46-meter flagpole and sentries dressed in full uniform.

- The Central Lagoon, a pool surrounded by statues of Filipino martyrs and heroes, is located in the center of the park. 

- At night, the fountain dances to music and bursts into colorful explosions. Visit the park at night to witness this beauty. 

- The outdoor theater is located just north of the lagoon. On Sundays at 6 p.m., it hosts the popular (and free) classical Concert in the park. Every Saturday night at the same time, a free Filipino rock concert takes place here, while plays are performed on Fridays.

- Several lovely gardens and the Chess Plaza, which hosts entertaining events, are located east of the theater.

- A number of groups assemble to practice t'ai chi or the indigenous martial art of arnis, also known as arnis de mano, at daybreak. It's entertaining to watch stickfighting in this pre-Hispanic manner.

- Visit the 6-storeyed National Museum near the park's eastern side to learn more about the evolution of man.

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Address of Rizal Park

Roxas Blvd, Manila, Luzon 1000 Philippines

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