Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

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Located in San Jose, California, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is an accredited zoo and family-friendly amusement park that offers a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages.

Since its establishment in 1961, the park has built up a devoted following among both residents and travelers, establishing its status as a beloved vacation spot. The name of the park comes from the 19th-century nursery rhyme 'Happy Hollow.'

The zoo is home to many different kinds of animals, including some that are endangered or cannot be found anywhere else. People can see lemurs, jaguars, meerkats, and many other animals.

The Happy Hollow Park and Zoo provide options for hosting birthday celebrations and group events. They offer party packages and catering services, allowing guests to celebrate special occasions in a unique and entertaining environment.

The animal adoption program at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo provides a unique opportunity for individuals to extend their support toward the welfare and upkeep of specific animals at the zoo. By participating in this program, visitors can make a valuable contribution toward the care and well-being of their chosen animal. By adopting an animal, visitors have the opportunity to make a positive impact and receive exclusive benefits, including adoption certificates and behind-the-scenes experiences.

Things to do at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

Visit the Puppet Theater: Experience the magic of live puppetry at the Puppet Theater, where a vibrant cast of characters and captivating narratives are brought to life before your very eyes. The lively performances of these shows not only entertain children but also educate them with significant messages.

Play at Danny the Dragon's Adventure: Join an exciting journey alongside Danny the Dragon as he explores a wondrous realm packed with engaging play zones, aquatic play elements, and imaginative structures. This particular attraction is an ideal destination for the young ones to burn off their energy while also exercising their creativity.

Discover the Redwood Lookout: The Redwood Lookout offers a thrilling experience of ascending to great heights. This elevated play structure is situated amidst the majestic redwood trees, providing a unique and immersive environment for play and exploration. Children can relish in the excitement of ascending, descending, and exploring while indulging in the thrill of being up.

Participate in Animal Encounters: Be sure to review the animal encounter schedule, allowing visitors to interact intimately with select animals. Participating in these experiences presents a unique opportunity to expand one's knowledge of the behaviors and habitats of various animals, the ongoing conservation efforts to preserve them, and the ongoing conservation efforts aimed at preserving their populations.

Ride the Carousel: Experience the classic charm of an amusement park by taking a ride on the beautifully adorned carousel. Select your preferred riding animal and enjoy the lovely melodies and rotating motion.

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    4 hours

Address of Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

1300 Senter Rd, San Jose, CA 95112-2520

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