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Along with attractions like the Moscow Kremlin and the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Academic Bolshoi theater of Russia is one of the nation's most iconic buildings. The Moscow Ballet and Opera theater is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Moscow because of its exquisite building, illustrious actors, fascinating historical history, elegant interior design, and, of course, its unrivaled plays.

The Bolshoi theater: the History of Fires and Rebirths

The first troupe of the Bolshoi theater was founded on March 28, 1776, the same day Prince Pyotr Urusov, the provincial prosecutor, received permission from Catherine II to host a variety of private cultural events, including balls, masquerades, plays, and concerts. 

However, Prince Urusov did not officially open the theater until 1780, when he transferred ownership to a business partner named Michael Maddox due to financial constraints. On the site of the burned-out unfinished building, a new theater building with a thousand-seat capacity was erected in less than six months under the guidance of the daring Englishman.

Main Stage

The Bolshoi theater's décor is red-and-green themed, and its enormous, five-level theater boasts exceptional acoustics. There are 1740 seats available. The most opulent and lavish theater venue in the entire nation is a stunning historic stage.

Small Stage

The Bolshoi theater group began performing on the Small New stage in 2002 in addition to the Main Historic stage. With the addition of the color gold, this stage is decked in white-terracotta and white-green tones. An air of solemnity and celebration is created by the mosaic floor, the quantity of crystal, the painted ceilings, and the beautiful illumination. This stage is a remarkable technical marvel because it automatically raises, lowers, rotates, and replaces itself with new stages.

Beethoven Hall

An innovative solution is the Beethoven Hall, which is situated on the ground level of the Bolshoi theater's main structure. Depending on the number of spectators and the stage design, it can alter its size and configuration. Here, events with renowned stage directors, actors, and choreographers are organized, as well as symphony concerts and opera performances. There is room for 320 individuals in this hall.

Before the theater's restoration, Beethoven Hall was located in a different space that had previously been the imperial entryway. The ancient hall now serves as a museum. Here, the 19th-century royal decor that the Bolsheviks had destroyed has been rebuilt and recreates the atmosphere of the coronation of Nicholas II.

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Address of Bolshoi Theatre

Teatralnaya Sq., 1, Moscow 125009 Russia

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