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Moscow's Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve is a well-known farmstead. The area's 405 hectares are taken up by the palace and park complex. Tsaritsyno is no longer merely a museum; it has evolved into a cultural hub where diverse events are occasionally conducted. 

History of Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve:

To commemorate the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca, Empress Catherine II traveled to Moscow in 1775. Chernaya Gryaz's Khodynka Field, which is in a tsar's settlement, was chosen as the site for the memorial. The Empress decided to construct a residence here since she loved the local sceneries so much.

Only in 1927 did the first restoration work at Tsaritsyno start, and it took decades to complete. The estate Tsaritsyno was given the designation of State Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts of the USSR in 1984. 

The year 2005, when the major restoration projects for the Grand Palace and the park started quickly, was the most critical phase of the Tsaritsyno renaissance. The property was restored in under two years. The Tsaritsyno Landscape Museum-Reserve was formally opened in 2007 with the president in attendance.

Exhibitions and Park Territory: 

On the grounds of the Tsaritsyno State Historical and Architectural Museum are the Grand Palace, the Bread House, a greenhouse complex, the Small Palace of Catherine II, the Cavalier Houses, the Opera House, the Middle Palace, and a landscape park with ponds and pavilions.

The Bread House and the Grand Palace both include exhibition spaces. The museum's major exhibition used to be limited to a collection of national ornamental and applied arts, but currently, it also features works by many Western European masters as well as paintings by Russian painters. The exhibition is renewed each year, including more fresh works of art. 

In Tsaritsyno Park's outdoor pavilions, free banner displays are presented. The exhibits provide background information on the museum-reserve collections. 

In 2011, the greenhouse complex was inaugurated. It is recreated based on 19th-century sketches. You may go on a tour of the facility, and it also hosts several educational courses for both adults and kids.

Entertainment in Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve: 

One of the oldest parks in Russia is the Tsaritsyno Landscape Park. It will take a long time to explore the area, so to make moving about easier, you can rent a car bike, a Segway, or arrange an electric car tour. By the way, you may rent a catamaran or take a boat tour of the Tsaritsyno ponds. 

Concerts of modern and classical music are periodically held for music enthusiasts in the rooms of the Grand Palace and on the grounds of Tsaritsyno Park. The organ music evenings occasionally take place in the Bread House.

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Address of Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve

Dolskaya st., 1, Moscow 115569 Russia

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