Donskoi Monastery

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Donskoy, the newest monastery in Moscow, was built in 1591 to house the icon of the Virgin of the Don, which is now on display at the Tretyakov Gallery. The victory in the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380 is attributed to this symbol. It is also believed that in 1591, the Tatar Khan Giri withdrew without a struggle when the icon doused him in burning arrows in a dream.

The majority of the monastery, which has 12 towers and is enclosed by a brick wall, was constructed between 1684 and 1733 under Peter the Great and Regent Sofia. One of the final instances of Moscow baroque is the Virgin of Tikhvin Church over the north gate, completed in 1713 and 1714. The substantial brick New Cathedral, constructed between 1684 and 1693, is located in the middle of the grounds. The smaller Old Cathedral, built between 1591 and 1593, is located immediately to its south.

The Donskoy Monastery was turned into a graveyard for the nobility when burials in central Moscow were outlawed following the 1771 epidemic, and it is now covered in ornate graves and chapels.

There are a few tanks inside the monastery grounds in recognition of the Church's participation in World War II, but the primary attraction is undoubtedly the magnificent 16th-century cathedrals. A noteworthy historical site from the 17th century is the adjacent cemetery. It is possible to plan excursions around the towers and walls.

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Address of Donskoi Monastery

Donskaya Sq., 1, Moscow 115419 Russia

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