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The biggest and most well-known square in Russia is called Red Square. It attracts everyone who comes to Moscow.

The State History Museum, the Kremlin, Lenin's Mausoleum, GUM department store, and of course, St. Basil's Cathedral are all visible from Red Square, which is the center of the city. The 16th-century architects planted exquisite stone flowers in the form of colorful domes, which are now blooming.

The Kazan Cathedral is located right next to the majestic red structure holding Moscow's State Historical Museum on the side of the square opposite the Cathedral. This tiny, fanciful-looking chapel is a replica of one that the Soviet government destroyed to make room for tanks and happy employees.

A peculiar building holding Lenin's Mausoleum is situated in front of the Kremlin's impassable red wall on one of Red Square's long sides, which borders the Kremlin. The GUM, a classy department store established by the Tsars and nationalized by the Soviets, is in front of them. It is now a posh shopping complex.

From here, all of Moscow's main streets branch out. Moscow's Red Square serves as the geographic and ideological hub of the country.


Since Moscow's new red-brick Kremlin was constructed in 1490s, Red Square has served as the city's central square. Since there were no natural barriers, such as rivers, to protect the fortification's east side, it was at risk. Red Square was created when this area beyond the fortifications was cleared to make a shooting range.

Here, traders came from all over the world to conduct business. A large market was created in The Square. People flocked to Red Square to hear the news when public criers shouted the tsars' decrees. Religious processions were held here on days of important church holidays, converting the area into an outdoor church.

Christmas at Red Square: 

Red Square in Moscow is transformed into the most enchanted location for the winter holidays. Particularly at nighttime when the lights are on! Moscow's Christmas market is unquestionably one of the prettiest on the entire globe. You can go ice skating in the middle of the city, sample various candies, and take part in Christmas workshops.

You must get there early if you plan to ring in the new year in Red Square. Otherwise, you run the danger of becoming stuck in a line of people waiting to go through security checks and metal detectors. Moscow's authorities frequently impose a limit on the number of visitors allowed in Red Square. You could avoid this problem by scheduling your trip to the ice rink.

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